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GAMC provides hope after a cancer diagnosis(818) 863-HOPE

When a cancer diagnosis is made, the search for answers begins. That search can often lead cancer patients all over the city, state or even the country, looking for the best treatment options.

At the Glendale Adventist Cancer Center, we want cancer patients to know that they are not alone and that their search for the best treatment can stop at Glendale Adventist. And so we created 863-HOPE, a special hotline manned by GAMC oncology professionals and dedicated to people facing a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Are you looking for a little hope? Call us at (818) 863-HOPE and let us help.

Cancer Annual Report

Find more information on Cancer Services at GAMC in our cancer annual report.

Cancer Brochures

Learn more about cancer-related conditions by downloading one of our Health Connections brochures.


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