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Elderly Care

Glendale Adventist realizes that many of our patients are elderly and have special age-associated needs. The hospital is committed to addressing those needs such as limited motor skills, trouble with balance, comprehension and cognition, etc. The following HEALTHline episodes talk about how to care for elderly patients and what to do when patients need end of life care.

  • Senior Center and Anti-Aging - Susanne Whatley and Gregory Zarian talk about the Adult Recreation Center in Glendale, the CAR Fit program and how the elderly can live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Aging Gracefully - Learn some of the ways that seniors can age gracefully.
  • Alzheimer's - Dr. Jack Yu shares thoughts about Alzheimer's and how you can care for someone with Alzheimer's.
  • Caring for the Elderly - Winnie Calvario, DPT and Zoe Chen, RN are both experts in care for the elderly and they share their insights with Susanne in this episode of HEALTHline.
  • Grief & Loss - A resident expert on bereavement, Reverand Alice Zulli, stops by HEALTHline with one of her counselors from her grief support group to talk about dealing with loss.
  • Women and Aging - This episode takes a closer look at aging, especially in women, and covers some relevent topics including hormone replacement therapy and osteoporosis.

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