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Donating Securities

Donating appreciated securities, such as stock or mutual funds, to the Healthcare foundation at Glendale Adventist Medical Center is a tax-wise approach to benefit health care in our community.

Step 1

Contact the Healthcare Foundation at (818) 409-8324 or e-mail Nick.Martinez@ah.orgto notify us of your intention to make a stock gift. To ensure you are properly credited for your gift, please forward a cover letter giving your name, the name of the shares being transferred and the purpose for which the gift is to be used. Mail to:

Healthcare Foundation at Glendale Adventist Medical Center
1509 Wilson Terrace
Glendale, CA 91206

Step 2

Transfer your shares to the Healthcare Foundation by one of the following means:

  • If your shares are held in an account, ask your broker to make an electronic transfer of the shares to the Healthcare Foundation's securities account at Charles Schwab:

Account #3709-5055
EBO "Healthcare Foundation at Glendale Adventist Medical Center"
DTC#: 0164

Our broker is Robert Osher Investment Management. They can be contacted at (626) 844-7184.

Once the stock is transferred into the Healthcare Foundation's account, we will receive notification of the transfer and a receipt will be sent to you. The effective date of the gift by this method is the date the shares are transferred into the account.

  • If you hold the certificate for your shares, send the unendorsed certificate and a signed stock power form to the Healthcare Foundation in two seperate envelopes (download the form or obtain it by calling our office at (818) 409-8055). Please include a letter indicating to what purpose your gift should be directed.

    The date of the gift is determined by the act of "relinquishing" the stock. If mailed through a private mail service (FedEx, etc.), the gift is complete on the date we receive the mail containing the stock certificates. If mailed through USPS, the gift is complete on the date of the postmark of the last envelope to arrive at the Healthcare Foundation (in case they don't arrive at the same time).
  • If you personally deliver stock certificates with all necessary endorsements, the gift is complete for federal income tax purposes on the date of delivery. Certificates may be delivered to the Healthcare Foundation offices at 1509 Wilson Terrace.

Receipting of Stock Gifts

Receipts to donors indicate the number and type of shares (no dollar amount). For recognition purposes, the donor of publicly traded stock will be credited with the fair market value which is determined by averaging high and low trading prices on the date of the gift (see above to determine the date of a gift).

Liquidation of Stock

As a rule, donated stocks are liquidated as soon as we receive them, or upon notification by our broker that the shares have been transferred to the Healthcare Foundation's account.

Thank you for considering a gift to benefit Glendale Adventist Medical Center and health care in our community.

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