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Medical/Surgical Neighborhood

The Medical/Surgical neighborhood at Glendale Adventist Medical Center is composed of five nursing units, each with a unique specialty. Med/Surg offers a rewarding and challenging environment for nurses as they progress in their career. New graduates receive a solid foundation that will support them along their specialty path, while experienced nurses can continue to develop their skills and proficiency in an exciting  and supportive environment. Nurses also have the opportunity for certification in a number of different specialty areas.

Acute Rehabilitation Unit
We have the unique responsibility and privilege of assisting patients to attain the highest level of function through their rehabilitation. We hope to get patients back into doing the things they love to do everyday.

  • 28-bed unit supporting patients in their return to school, work or meaningful activities
  • Assists in the recovery of patients who have undergone orthopedic procedures, especially joint replacements
  • Aids in the final stage of recovery of stroke or neuro patients

Medical II
Our patients, in many cases, are dealing with complex medical diagnoses that require ongoing management and adjustment of lifestyle for both patient and family. Our common goal is to ensure that each patient lives life to the fullest through understanding of their disease process, actively participating in treatment and recognizing complications early.

  • 39-bed unit caring for a wide array of medical conditions
  • Specializes in the care of patients with diabetes, gastrointestinal conditions and integumentary conditions
  • Treats medical as well as detox patients
  • Cares for behavioral health patients with medical needs

From the time of its discovery and throughout all stages of treatment, an individual diagnosed with cancer is a 'survivor.' Our work is to support their treatment decisions, finding meaning and significance in all stages of the journey.

  • 26-bed unit specializing in the care of patients with cancer
  • Certified as a 'Community Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Program'
  • Nurses deal with pain management concerns and end-of-life needs

Our patients undergoing surgery are concerned about pain, level of function and the outcome of their surgery. Whether it is an exploratory proceedure or to fix a known condition, we strive to ease their suffering, prevent complications and promote their recovery. Patinets put their lives in our hands and trust that we will take care of them by bringing physical, emotional and spiritual comfort.

  • 34-bed unit psecializing in care for patinets following joint replacement or general surgeries
  • Care for patients undergoing radiation therapy, epidural anesthesia and PCAs
  • Manages patients' concerns with pain, level of function and surgery outcomes

Transitional Care Unit (TCU)
Whether the transition is a small step from home to hospital or a large step from independence to dependence, each patient is met at their level, and together we strive to improve their quality of life and retain their individuality.

  • 40-bed unit caring for a wide variety of medical conditions
  • Provides care for geriatrics
  • Cares for patients recovering from all types of medical or surgical conditions
  • Specializes in wound care

Support from the Float Pool

In addition, the medical/surgical neighborhood is supported by the med/surg float pool. In the float pool, a nurse can have a flexible schedule, a great salary and work in a variety of areas.

Student Nurse Float Pool
The student nurse float pool provides valuable experience for those interested in working in a hospital setting while in nursing school. Applicants must have successfully completed at least one clinical rotation. Student nurses may work in the med/surg areas, and if they have a particular interest (such as maternity nursing), they may orient and work as part of that team.