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Focusing on Best Treatments with GAMC Tumor Boards

If you have a patient that is diagnosed with cancer, you want that patient to receive the best possible treatment in a facility that follows nationally recognized guidelines for best practices.

The Cancer Center at Glendale Adventist Medical Center follows the National Cancer Care Network (NCCN) guidelines for best practices in the treatment of cancer. As an American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer accredited Community Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Program, the Cancer Center follows best practices laid out by the NCCN in order to maintain certifi cation. One of the requirements of certifi cation is the implementation of tumor boards. A tumor board is a group of specialists from many disciplines who meet regularly to discuss managing treatments for cancer patients. Although most patients will have one primary oncologist
who supervises their care, their treatment plans come from these tumor boards, where collective knowledge from many disciplines is utilized to make recommendations for the best treatment.

Members of the tumor board commonly include medical, surgical and radiation oncologists, diagnostic radiology, pathologists, surgeons and other members of the health care team. During each tumor board session, a physician will present a patient case to
members of the board to obtain guidance and assistance from the multidisciplinary team. X-ray scans, MRI scans, pathology and other reports are reviewed and discussed to give the patient the best possible chance for recovery.

In addition to helping improve care for cancer patients, tumor boards also provide education for staff. By holding these weekly cancer conferences, we provide a forum for patient consultation and contribute to physician education.

There are 21 NCCN member institutions, including nationally renowned cancer centers such as City of Hope, Sloan-Kettering, Brigham and Women’s, Duke and many others. Together, these member institutions set the standard of care and create clinical practice guidelines with the goal of improving the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of oncology practice so that patients can live better lives. To learn more about the tumor boards at GAMC’s Cancer Center, or to have one of your patients’ cases included, call Melina Thorpe at (818) 409-8198 or e-mail her at