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HEALTHline Episode 13 - Inside the ER
Inside the ER - Part I
Learn more about how an Emergency Room operates with two ER doctors, Dr. Serineh Voskanain and Dr....
Inside the ER - Part II
Dr. Cheyl Lee and Dr. Serineh Voskanian share their experiences with life in a trauma ER and how it...
Inside the ER - Part III
Breaking bad news to a patient is never easy. Drs Voskanian and Lee talk about how they relay...
Inside the ER - Part IV
Doctors Voskanian and Lee talk about the triage process and how they assess patients when they come...
Inside the ER - Part V
From broken arms to chest pain, Doctors Voskanian and Lee talk about some common symptoms and how...
Inside the ER - Part VI
The group discusses other members of the ER team and the vital roles they play.
Inside the ER - Part VII
Dr. Lee and Dr. Voskanian talk about how they make fast decisions in the Emergency Room.