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Looking for a demanding, broad-based residency program that prepares you for the challenges of 21st century family medicine? We have it at the GAMC Family Medicine Residency Program. This is a well-established, community-based program with a dynamic faculty, a broad universe of patients, a thorough grounding in medical procedures and technology. All of this is coupled with a continuous concern for the patient's total physical, psychological and spiritual well-being.

Our graduates have gone on to practice in a wide range of settings, including urban, rural and federally-designated underserved areas. Practice types include managed care environments, private practice, academic and community clinics.

We think you'll find that the GAMC Family Medicine Residency Program provides what you're looking for in training for independent practice.


Julie A. Howard, MD
Program Director

Questions? Direct them to Amanda Hunt at (818) 500-5525. 

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