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News from 2010

Nurse Navigator Helps Cancer Patients
Media Contact: Alicia Gonzalez (818) 800-3113
Because of her knowledge and expertise, Sharon Feinberg, GAMC Nurse Navigator, has always been a trusted resource for friends and family when there is a new cancer diagnosis. “It means a lot to me to have the ‘Nurse Navigator’ title at Glendale Adventist now, because I’ve always helped friends and family navigate through the world of cancer,” says Sharon. “People need information and reassurance as they make some very important decisions about treatment and specialists and I’m happy I can provide them with that.”
With a background in both radiation oncology and medical oncology and having been involved in cancer research for over 20 years, Sharon has an expert knowledge of the newest techniques and has always been abreast of the latest in cancer treatment. “Working with treatments that are on the cutting edge is very exciting,” says Sharon. “Being able to help patients fight their disease better then ever is very rewarding.”
Sharon helps patients find doctors, make appointments, provide guidance and simply anticipate patient and family needs to improve the quality of service that they receive throughout the entire process. “There is a lot of information and details to figure out with a cancer diagnosis,” says Sharon, “and people might not know what the next step is and where to turn. I’m here to assist patients and their families and to make their life easier.”
Whether it’s discussing the pros and cons of different forms of treatment or finding a support group, Sharon is here to point those who need it in the right direction. “We have so many great services in the Glendale Adventist Cancer Center and even in the community that people might not be aware of,” says Sharon. “I want to help ease the anxiety and burden of people who already have too much to worry about.”
To get in touch with Sharon, call (818) 863-HOPE.