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News from 2009

Update on CT Brain Scans
Media Contact Information:
Alicia Gonzalez
(818) 409-6604
or (818) 800-3113
November 24, 2009--On Tuesday, November 17, California Department of Public Health came to Glendale Adventist to conduct a scheduled audit of CT protocols.
In the course of that audit, it was discovered that ten (10) stroke patients at Glendale Adventist received a higher than normal dosage (approximately 3-4 times greater) of radiation during a specific CT procedure.
Experts involved in this review believe the potential risk to these patients due to the level of radiation exposure is minimal. At this time, the hospital has determined that no other patients have been affected or exposed to higher than normal radiation doses by this CT machine.
Hospital representatives and physicians have contacted each of the ten (10) patients and/or their representatives to inform them of this increased dosage. GAMC has also offered them ongoing monitoring, consultation and follow-up medical services – at no cost – to appropriately monitor and treat them as necessary regarding this matter in the future.
The CT protocol in question is very specific as it involved the use of three CT imaging techniques conducted at the same time in order to provide faster diagnosis and treatment for stroke patients within their critical first three hours of having a stroke. This protocol has been discontinued, and we are now using the slightly slower sequential method to get the same imaging needed in critical treatment decision-making for stroke patients. Our investigation into the cause of this unknown anomaly continues in partnership with GE’s technical experts.
The CT machine is still is use, as CDPH and external and internal technical experts have conducted complete audits of our CT perfusion studies and determined that the unique procedure described above is the ONLY instance in which excess radiation has been delivered. All other scans and studies using the CT are safe. Glendale Adventist sincerely regrets that this protocol has resulted in over-exposure of radiation to these ten patients.
Glendale Adventist wants its community and patients to know that their safety is always our primary concern and this situation has been addressed with all urgency and appropriate resources.