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News from 2009

Healthcare Foundation Unveils C.E. Kimlin Plaque
The Healthcare Foundation unveiled a new plaque on the Wall of Honor on May 20, honoring Clarence E. Kimlin, former administrator of the Glendale Sanitarium and Hospital and former mayor of Glendale. The Wall of Honor is located on the main floor just outside of the main entrance of the East Tower.

GAMC staff, executives, members of the Healthcare Foundation Board, Kimlin’s granddaughter Mrs. Dorothy Beeve and members of the Kimlin/Beeve family were present for the unveiling.

Kimlin was appointed administrator of the Glendale Sanitarium and Hospital in December of 1915. He also served as a member of the Glendale City Council (June 1921) as chairman of the committee on public welfare and as mayor of Glendale.

Kimlin was also instrumental in purchasing the land where GAMC is now located. By 1922, the hospital had outgrown its original location, which is now the 500 block of East Broadway. Kimlin recognized the need for a major hospital expansion and provided leadership in the purchase of a 30-acre site for $50,000.

On March 24, 1924, in a dedication speech at the grand opening of the new hospital building, Kimlin delivered the quote that provided the inspiration for GAMC’s current beacon iconography: “In years to come the Glendale Sanitarium & Hospital will be in the middle of a great residential section as populous as all of Glendale today,” he said. “And yet it will be forever on a hill; peaceful, serene, an institution of service and mercy to a fast-moving world below.”

“He was right,” said David Burghart, president of the Healthcare Foundation. “More than 85 years later, GAMC is still an institution of service and mercy and the tradition of growth continues.”

“Our hospital Foundation board wanted to honor Mr. Kemlin for his vision in a very special way and a memorial plaque seemed appropriate,” said Burghart. “The plaque commemorates Mr. Kimlin’s life and dedicated service to the hospital and the community.”