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News from 2008

GAMC Observes 'Blessing of the Grapes' Armenian Tradition
On Wednesday, August 6, GAMC celebrated a long-standing Armenian tradition - the annual Blessing of the Grapes.
According to Armenian tradition, this event predates Christianity and was originally used to pay homage to gods and temples. After the establishment of Christianity in Armenia, it became a means to seek God’s blessings for those who gave the first yield of their vineyards as gifts to the church. In this traditional ceremony, parishioners are asked to bring grapes as a symbol of earth’s bountiful harvest. Today, the blessing of the grapes emphasizes the Armenians’ love for their land and is an opportunity to celebrate the blessings of the earth.
Different chaplains at GAMC participated in the service with the main portion lead by Reverend Muron Aznikian and Reverand Ardag Demirjian of the St. Mary’s Armenian Apostolic Church in Glendale. Aznikian and Demirjian offered special blessings in both Armenian and English upon grapes on a table in front of the Chapel.
Following the blessing, the grapes were distributed to all of the patients in hospital and a few patients received a special visit and blessing from Revs. Aznikian and Demirjian.