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News from 2007

Physician Gets Fifth Board Certification
Glendale Adventist Medical Center is proud to announce that Joseph F. Bornheimer, MD, FACC, recently received his fifth board certification from the American Board of Vascular Medicine (ABVM) for Vascular Medicine and Endovascular Medicine. The commitment to ABVM board certification is a serious and important one. It requires hard work, time and effort.

According to ABVM, the population of patients with non-coronary vascular disease continues to grow, and the number of specialists with expertise in vascular medicine is inadequate. Formal board certification establishes a consistent benchmark of expertise in the field of vascular medicine.

“It’s common for physicians to have two or three boards, but five is rare,” said Rob Marchuk, associate vice president at Glendale Adventist Medical Center. “Dr. Bornheimer’s ABVM board certification demonstrates a high standard of physician excellence.”

Dr. Bornheimer’s board certifications include the following:

American Board of Internal Medicine
Cardiovascular Disease
Interventional Cardiology
Vascular Medicine
Endovascular Medicine (Interventional Vascular Medicine)
“It was very important for me to get this certification,” said Dr. Bornheimer. My primary focus and greatest joy is taking care of patients and interacting with them. I want to demonstrate to the community, excellence in vascular medicine."

Dr. Bornheimer is a cardiologist who has been practicing in Glendale for more that 30 years. He is currently the medical director of the Heart and Vascular Institute at Glendale Adventist Medical Center.