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Write to Heal
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Alicia Gonzalez
(818) 409-6604
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Art offers cancer patients the opportunity to see life, love and friendship in a new and more meaningful way

GLENDALE, CA – August 25, 2011 – Glendale Adventist Medical Center (GAMC) is now offering “Write to Heal,” a free, artistic workshop for cancer patients, led by Patricia Varga, founder of A Woman with Wings and the Write to Heal program.

The classes use writing, art, music and meditation to tap into the participant’s creativity as they track each patient’s journey with cancer.

The workshops teach patients how to cope with the challenges and changes a cancer diagnosis often brings. Participants keep a journal so that they can reflect on their life, wishes and dreams as well as face their fears. Writing generates positive energy, helping cancer patients better cope with their diagnosis.

Varga, who facilitates the sessions, is a writer and artist who began Women with Wings, a networking site and community for women of all ages. She writes about women’s journey through life and the challenges they face. Working with women who are abused or in crisis and those who are facing cancer, she helps them face their lives through art and creativity. She started the Write to Heal program to help women with cancer gain strength and understanding.

“For those with cancer, the ‘Write to Heal’ program can bring many benefits. It provides a safe place for patients to share and learn from each other. When a patient explores their feelings, it can give them a better sense of self,” says Melina Thorpe, Director of Cancer Services at Glendale Adventist Medical Center. ”Our patients have found the workshops to be very beneficial and many have become great friends.”

“Encountering a health problem is not only a physical challenge, but an emotional and psychological challenge as well. Providing support, care, hope and encouragement for those experiencing a health complication is essential to the healing process,” says Varga. “I’ve watched this program inspire, encourage and ‘de-stress’ some of the most stressed out people on the planet – those challenged by cancer.”

Write to Heal classes are held the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month (12 noon to 2 PM) at Glendale Adventist Medical Center Cancer Services, 381 Merrill Avenue, Board Room, in Glendale. Next class dates will be held on Sept. 9 and Sept. 23. For additional information on the “Write to Heal” program, call (818) 409-8218.