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News from 2007

GAMC Debuts Wi-Fi and Other Computing Resources for Patients
Glendale Adventist Medical Center (GAMC) announced today that its new, state-of-the-art West Tower will provide computing services with Internet access in every room for patients and their families, thanks to teamwork between the hospital, Novell and IBM. The medical center also plans to extend such services through wireless access to patients, physicians and staff via laptop computers throughout many other areas in of the facility.

The computing services are precursors to the implementation of a patient-specific portal where information related to chronic disease and other educational materials will be uniquely and securely delivered to patients and approved advocates inside the medical center.

IBM generously donated the (thin-client) hardware to support the debut of this GAMC project. The New West Tower’s computing services will run in an open-standards environment on SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop from Novell as “thin clients” connected to a central server from IBM.

Linux is an operating system free to everyone whose functionality, adaptability and robustness has made it the main alternative to proprietary, licensed operating systems. IBM and Novell are leaders among scores of key information-technology companies who have helped develop Linux and support its ongoing growth and adoption around the world.

Thin clients are computer architecture networks that depend on central servers for their processing activities.

“Glendale Adventist Medical Center is excited to have this opportunity to extend technology internet access to our patients and families as part of our West Tower project,” said Sharon Correa, director of Telecommunications, GAMC. “Offering in-room computer access with leading Internet health care resource sites 'bookmarked' for easy access is an extension of our mission to promote healing and wellness for the whole person.”

In line with its goal to offer family-centered care, GAMC’s decision to provide Internet-linked computing recognizes that empowering patients with information related to their conditions is a key aspect of healing. Additionally, the hospital believes that providing access to computer resources can lessen anxiety for those staying with sick loved ones by enabling communication with family members as well as their workplaces.

“Novell is committed to providing affordable technology that betters the community even as it expands options for non-profit organizations,” said Justin Steinman, director of Linux marketing for Novell. “Glendale Adventist Medical Center's innovative use of technology, including SUSE Linux Enterprise Thin Client, shows the impact computers and the right software can make to improve the lives of patients and their families every day.”