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Dr. Vicken Sepilian, Army of Pink CandidateMeet Vicken Sepilian, MD

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Q: Why are you supporting this campaign?

A: I am supporting the Army of Pink to help raise awareness about breast cancer and to empower people with knowledge. I would like to encourage people to act towards prevention with early diagnosis and, ultimately, beat cancer!

Q:  What is your personal campaign message/slogan?

A:  "Empower yourself with knowledge!" Think big, think success, think cure, think pink!

Q:  What is your Glendale claim to fame? (What do you do in Glendale?)

A:  I'm a fertility specialist in the community, President of the Armenian-American Medical Association (AAMS) and host of the "Your Health" TV program---right here in Glendale!

Q:  How long have you lived/worked in Glendale?

A:  I have been in Glendale on and off since 1988.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Glendale?

A:  The people in Glendale are a big part of the culture which makes this such a great city for everyone.

Q: What is your favorite Glendale hangout?

A:  My grandparents' place is really my favorite place to visit in Glendale.

Q: Do you have any other special message that you would like to share?

A: Take advantage of resources around you in the community and at Glendale Adventist Medical Center. Empower yourself with knowledge about your health. Learn, act, defeat and let's find a cure together!