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Ankle Conditions/Information

Treatment/Condition Definition Learn More
Ankle Anatomy Learn more about the ankle joint and its important structures. Download a printable PDF 
 Ankle Fusion A surgical procedure that is usually done when an ankle joint becomes worn out and painful. Download a printable PDF
Ankle Impingement Problems Occurs when soft tissues around the ankle are pinched or nipped. Download a printable PDF
Ankle Sprain and Instability A common injury that results when the ankle is twisted, or turned in (inverted). Download a printable PDF
Ankle Syndesmosis Injuries An injury that involves the ligaments above the ankle joint. Common in athletes. Download a printable PDF
Artificial Joint Replacement of the Ankle Surgery to replace the ankle joint with an artificial joint. Download a printable PDF
Osteoarthritis of the Ankle Wear and tear that occurs over years after an ankle injury. Download a printable PDF
Peroneal Tendon Problems Problems affecting the two peroneal tendons that lie behind the outer ankle bone.  Download a printable PDF
Peroneal Tendon Subluxation Damage or injury to the structures that form and support the tunnel containing the peroneal tendons. Download a printable PDF
Shin Splints Pain along the front or inside edge of the shinbone (tibia) Download a printable PDF

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