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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to train broadly based family physicians who are highly competent clinicians, capable of serving the needs of all members of the community.

Our Vision

The Glendale Adventist Family Practice Residency Program will be recognized for its exceptionally skilled graduates who:
  • Have exemplary clinical reasoning and information handling skills.
  • Can evaluate the needs of patients and manage the system of care for their benefit.
  • Demonstrate cross-cultural and gender sensitivity in the healing relationship.
  • Acknowledge the importance of spiritual and psychosocial issues in health and illness.
  • Understand the business aspects of medical practice.
  • Can respond to and help shape the health care environment of the 21st century.

Our Goals and Objectives

We endeavor to train family physicians of excellence.


  • Broadly based and confident in managing the majority of the biological, social, and behavioral problems encountered in medical practice.
  • Experienced in the skills and technology of the varied procedures within Family Practice.
  • Trained to use sound ethical and medical judgment, recognize professional capabilities and limitations, and use the consultative process in patient care when appropriate.
  • Adept with learning resources such as computers and medical literature to continue medical education and maintain professional competency.
  • Able to organize practice experiences in an investigational framework that will provide research data and a basis for continuing medical education.
  • Prepared for the economic climate in which they will practice, including exposure to the various models of practice.


  • Provide compassionate, continuing and comprehensive care to the entire family regardless of sex, age, organ system, or disease entity.
  • Recognize the diversity of religious beliefs held by patients and the spiritual aspects of the care of the whole patient.
  • Comfortable with Patient Education and Health Promotion methodologies and strategies, and use patient education in providing optimal care.


  • Able to serve any community in which they may reside, through sensitivity to public health as well as sociocultural issues in the community.
  • Practiced in beginning teaching skills, and trained to become leaders in family medicine.