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Appropriate Care For Our Diverse Community

At Glendale Adventist Medical Center, our commitment is to provide care on a personalized, very human level. In a community as ethnically and culturally diverse as ours, that means there is no one approach that is right for all of our patients and guests.

Members of our community speak English, Spanish, Armenian, Korean and many other languages, and have roots in countries around the world. We are, therefore, continuously striving to provide services - food, spiritual care, translation and other needs - that are sensitive and appropriate to our guests' diverse needs. Our staff represent a variety of ethnicities to assist with direct communication in multiple languages.

Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that our services meet the expectations of everyone who comes to us. To maintain customer satisfaction, our Customer Service program provides mechanisms to ensure that concerns are heard from patients, their families, visitors, physicians and employees, including:

  • Hospital administration and staff make regular visits to patients' bedsides to inquire as to whether their care meets their expectation, and to intervene whenever necessary
  • Our SHARE program provides a written response mechanism through which patients and others can record compliments or suggestions
  • Random telephone patient satisfaction surveys are conducted among former patients in an effort to obtain their opinions on the services they received
  • Staff education stresses that every hospital employee has a responsibility for providing quality customer service

Recognizing that customer service is an ongoing commitment, Glendale Adventist Medical Center is continuously evaluating and improving our delivery of care.